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Where did Adam and Eve's sons get their wives? I've heard people talk about this for years, but I've never heard anyone give a clear answer.

Read Today's Devotion Religious Freedom. The Sethite line also gives ages at fatherhood and at death. In the Masoretic text, ages at death range from Lamech to Methuselah , placing the text in the category of longevity narratives. The Septuagint and Samaritan Pentateuch differ somewhat in the ages given; in the Septuagint , the age at fatherhood is often years later than that in the Masoretic text, extending the genealogy by several centuries. Form critics consider the two lines as corruptions of one tradition. Both the similarities and the differences between lines are significant and do not admit simple explanation.

Still, there is a general consensus that the Cainite list was from the Jahwist source, while the Sethite was added in from the Priestly source.


The Sethite genealogy may also be connected to the Sumerian King List. Still, this position is argued against due to linguistic incompatibilities in half the names. Cheyne claimed that Mahalalel was a corruption of Jerahmeel, and Methuselah was a corruption of Ishmael. The following table displays the most common line of comparison between the Sethite and Cainite lines which reverses much of the Cainite list , [1] [3] [4] [8] as well as North Arabian genealogy per Cheyne , [3] and the Sumerian king list.

Additional to Moses chronology of Genesis, the following chronicles primary written in Syriac and Geez report with full similitude the generation of Adam and Eve. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Viviano, ed. Dianne Bergant and Robert J. Karris, Liturgical Press, , p.

How many children did Adam and Eve have?

Black, , p. Johnson, Wipf and Stock Publishers, 12 Jul , p.

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Hallo, Brill Publishers , , p. Best, Noah's Ark and the Ziusudra Epic , page Adam to David according to the Bible.

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Names in italics only appear in the Greek Septuagint version. Adam and Eve. Genesis creation narrative in the Book of Genesis Adam Eve.