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Contemporary rock music, while not dominated by African American musicians, owes its entire basis to Jimi Hendrix's style. At the forefront of the psychedelic movement of the late 's, Jimi Hendrix was the catalyst for Funk, Jazz Fusion, contemporary rock, and even heavy metal. Nobody played guitar like Hendrix, and after Hendrix, the guitar was never the same. Influenced directly by Soul, Psychedelic rock and Jazz, Funk was a new style of music that was based on these other genres, yet much more danceable.

Funk was well-known for its high-energy, and over the top performances. Funk went on to be influential to disco music, and spawned a world-wide funk craze where musicians of all kinds wanted to create their own unique version of this energetic and electric music.

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This culture became known as the hip hop movement. DJing, MCing, beatboxing and breakdancing were all innovations that came from the hip hop movement. DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa are often credited as the pioneers of the hip hop movement, and the music that came from that movement, which many people refer to as rap.

Artists such as Grandmaster Flash and the Sugar Hill Gang were also important figures in the development of hip hop music. Since the early days of hip-hop, rap music has gone on to become some of the most popular music among young people, both white and black, and has spawned countless variations in the United States and across the world.

In the 's, a new sort of pop music was spawned from 's soul and funk, plus a sprinkling of jazz, electronic, and rock to form music generally referred to as pop. Many of the performers who innovated this new kind of pop had also been a part of earlier soul and funk music.

The biggest name to come from this era was Michael Jackson , although many others achieved massive commercial success during the 80's, including Prince , Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder , and Whitney Houston. Several one-woman acts such as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Even over the past few years, some of the biggest musical acts in history perform this style of music: R. Kelly, Usher, Chris Brown, just to name a few. As we can see, most of the musical innovations in popular American music are the products of African American musicians.

In addition, their music has been profoundly influential on musicians all over the world. Every time music hits your ears, take a moment to think about where it came from, feel it, and show some love. Seriously, is there any kind of popular music not invented by African Americans??

14 Black Inventors You Probably Didn’t Know About –

All races of Americans were essential pieces of any American music- because money is the only way these genres thrive… that is to say that rap music thrives because races other than African Americans support and purchase it. Sure, African American originated these sounds.

But its just so much more complex than that. This is where hip-hop comes from, breakbeats and Reggae-Dub- from a Jamaican immigrant. Remind me again as to why we have to thank African American people for rap?

If anything we should be asking them to take it back from whence it came. Great article, I would hate to think what modern music would be without the influence of African Americans. Again, did you misread this article, it is about the music itself not the scene or industry that surrounded it at the time. Methinks what these numerous posts prove is that music is a continuum. Arbitrary classifications or divisions only set a time frame; everything that proceeded, influences everything that follows.

Thomas Edison

Name required. Mail will not be published required. Great Discoveries and Inventions by African Americans is a collection of inventors, idealist, entrepreneurs and visionaries whose inventions revolutionized American industries and history. In this compelling 4th volume, the facts are unobtrusively woven into a piece rich in the American heritage of ingenuity, determination and perseverance.

Many have little knowledge of these brilliant inventors and their innovations as these inventions have rarely been accredited to African Americans.

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From innovations in safety, maritime technology to hotel services and household products, African American inventors have and continue to help shape our modern society and the culture of our everyday lives. Featuring untold stories from brilliant inventors like Lewis Latimer , Lewis Temple and Garret Morgan to visionary entrepreneurs like F. He presided over a church where the main educational thrust was a national agenda to eliminate racism. Its commission on racial and social justice was the instrument which attempts to change racial attitudes. We have a plan for every budget. All plans include a free trial and enjoy the same features.

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Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons Enhance your teaching strategies and increase students' learning with these mini-lessons and slideshows. Teach your students key science concepts such as the difference between a discovery and an invention with these whiteboard compatible lessons. Introducing Inventions Mini-Lesson More Mini-Lessons Printables Choose from our list of printables to enhance your lessons and help your students' understanding of inventors and inventions.

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Includes a short biography and comprehension questions, reading warm-ups, a student created a "kite-shaped" book, and more. Objectives, procedures to follow, and extension activities are included. Includes information about simple to complex inventions, the development of various inventions and how they are used in today's world. Information included in the references covers inventions by women and African-Americans, and more. Includes cooperative learning groups, reading passage with cross-word puzzle, vocabulary and definitions game, and more.

Fourth Edition