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The Old Haunts

The strangest occurrences were reported in the s, when the home served as law offices. Graham said there were many stories at that time of doors and files that would suddenly refuse to open.

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  • The Old Haunts!

Most recently, a painter working in the basement kept hearing footsteps upstairs, but each time he checked no one was there. That was back in , shortly before the couple bought the house, so the ghost has been quiet as of late. The small building is rumored to be haunted, though whether by former worshipers, actors or audience members is unknown. Most of the encounters involved hearing strange noises and having the feeling of being watched. One particular night while working on lighting Votava heard footsteps going up the stairs.

When he went down to check, he saw that no one was there and the door was locked. Rock-throwing ghost One of the more bizarre Chico phenomena dates back to March , when rocks rained down on the warehouse of J. Priel and Clarence Charge, making national headlines. Locals were at a loss to determine who or what was causing the rocks to seemingly fall from the sky.

Haunted Orlando: True tales of two local haunts

Later that same month, shoppers downtown got a surprise when rocks pelted Main Street. This strange event is now thought to have been caused by waterspouts, which are tornados over water that can pick up fish and debris and drop them hundreds of miles away, Gallardo said. Another account explains the strange occurrence as due to a dense fog that settled after the fish had laid their eggs, then rose, leaving the hatched fishies to fall from the heavens. Chico also hosts eerie places devoid of paranormal activity.

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After a walnut tree on the property died, Simic decided to hang shoes from its dead limbs. Passersby began leaving shoes at the base of the trunk, which he happily added to the collection. Dangling from the tree are athletic shoes, old-school saddle shoes, dress shoes, moon boots and even roller skates.

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On campus, Trinity Hall has nearly as many impractical twists and turns as the Winchester Mystery House, the bizarre room mansion in San Jose. By Monica Unhold This article was published on Appetite for consumption Adventures in Chico eateries where you can really get your greasy grub on. The gift shop Pick up some Chico-centric souvenirs before you leave. We are the champions Bar Olympics: Ten saloons, 10 events … who will be victorious?

According to Diodati, there are six problems with the existing contract. Three of those problems have been resolved, leaving three contentious issues hanging that could cost county coffers—taxpayers—money. In essence, the contract on the books requires SCGC to cover the cost of any county roads destroyed when the company works on its underground lines, for example, but there are no means of enforcement or penalties. Construction downtime can drive up the cost for wages, down equipment time, replacement equipment time, and possibly redesigning the project.

Why would SCGC want to change any of this?

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The original agreement expired in At the time, SLO County supervisors voted—under staff recommendation—to extend the contract for one year to give county and SCGC officials time to negotiate. The year came and went with no real progress and in there was another request for an extension—then another in , , , and finally this year. What could change? But doing so could have dangerous public policy consequences. No other agreement, however, has required annual extensions.

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He said the process in SLO has taken so long because the county took considerable time hiring someone Diodati to handle the negotiations and such projects as the Los Osos sewer added bumps in the road. SCGC just happens to hold the first utility contract county officials are updating, Diodati said. But other public water utilities have agreed to proposals similar to those the county is seeking from SCGC, he added.

Haunted Orlando: True tales of two local haunts | News | Orlando | Orlando Weekly

If an agreement is reached, the franchise will run for another 30 years. The contract is so old, in fact, that one of the county officials who signed it has been dead for 40 years. Staff Writer Colin Rigley can be reached at crigley newtimesslo. Visit the archives….

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