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Word Manipulations of a Narcissist #10: Word Salad

Begin your healing journey now! So, what lies behind that mask of perfection? Well, an individual with a personality disorder. Overgeneralisations Narcissistic Personality Disorder is marked by a set of pervasive behaviours which are underpinned by certain cognitive errors. Similarly, any relationship difficulties must be the fault of others. Specifically, yours. Every interaction for the pathological narcissist is a matter of competition.

10 Warning Signs of Word Salad

No matter what you say, they will engage in a duel of words to establish you are wrong. Narc rage This bad baby is horrifying.

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Narcissistic rage is a very real thing. The only way forward, is to stop questioning yourself. Hold your truth close and free yourself. The Best Quotes!

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Word Salad

As such, the term is most often used in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. However, the term is also used in neurology, where disorders of the central nervous system brain and spine are studied because certain neurological conditions can cause word salad. Examples include dementia and receptive aphasia. Dementia is a progressive loss of cognitive and intellectual functioning without loss of consciousness.

In receptive aphasia, deficient speech production is caused by difficulty comprehending speech due to brain disease. Word Salad. In extreme mania, the patient's speech may become incoherent, with associations markedly loosened, thus presenting as a veritable word salad. Word salad can be generated by a computer program for entertainment purposes by inserting randomly chosen words of the same type nouns, adjectives, etc.

The video game company Maxis, in their seminal SimCity , used this technique to create an in-game "newspaper" for entertainment; the columns were composed by taking a vague story-structure, and using randomization, inserted various nouns, adjectives, and verbs to generate seemingly unique stories. Another way of generating meaningless text is mojibake , also called Buchstabensalat "letter salad" in German, in which an assortment of seemingly random text is generated through character encoding incompatibility in which one set of characters are replaced by another, though the effect is more effective in languages where each character represents a word, such as Chinese.

More serious attempts to automatically produce nonsense stem from Claude Shannon's seminal paper A Mathematical Theory of Communication from [5] where progressively more convincing nonsense is generated first by choosing letters and spaces randomly, then according to the frequency with which each character appears in some sample of text, then respecting the likelihood that the chosen letter appears after the preceding one or two in the sample text, and then applying similar techniques to whole words.

Its most convincing nonsense is generated by second-order word approximation, in which words are chosen by a random function weighted to the likeliness that each word follows the preceding one in normal text:. Markov chains can be used to generate random but somewhat human-looking sentences.

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This is used in some chat-bots, especially on IRC -networks. Nonsensical phrasing can also be generated for more malicious reasons, such as the Bayesian poisoning used to counter Bayesian spam filters by using a string of words which have a high probability of being collocated in English, but with no concern for whether the sentence makes sense grammatically or logically. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.