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Salon - Andrew O'Hehir Feb 24, Compared to, say, your average Adam Sandler movie it's a master class in film comedy. Oh, you will laugh. You may not forgive yourself for it easily, but you will laugh. You may well laugh to the point of pee stains in your underthings, and if you think that's gratuitous you have no idea.

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Read full review. It's a terrific performance-and terrifying.

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Owen Wilson is aging: Where goeth my own youth? Still, the Farrellys have a distinct touch that carries their dubious premise across. They bring back the toilet humor of yore and make it shocking and funny again.

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Chicago Reader - J. Jones Feb 24, As in "Breaking Upwards," the best joke here is that the wives Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate wind up getting more action during the marital recess than their hapless hubbies. Ever catch yourself thinking, "Man, I wish beer commercials lasted just minutes longer"? The Farrelly brothers are ready to make your dreams come true.

Like the middle-aged dads in this flaccid fiasco, Hall Pass is a decade behind the curve of what's happening. Observer - Rex Reed Feb 22, Not only disgusting and unendurable, but filthy and boring, too. User Score. Write a Review.

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User Reviews. Very funny and enjoyable, definitely the best Farrelly brothers movies in a while. Popular Shows 1. Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2. The Bachelorette 3. The 4.

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Dateline NBC 5. Jane the Virgin 6. Yellowstone 7. The Bold and the Beautiful. Popular Movies 1. Sexy Beast 2. John Wick 3. Into The Blue 4. Toy Story 5. What is Hall Pass?

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Cost Effective Protection from Predators Hall Pass instantly compares school visitor identification data against our integrated, comprehensive database of sex offender registries for every state and the District of Columbia. Hall Pass Solutions Be Proactive, Secure your School with Hall Pass Hall Pass was created with a compelling purpose: to protect vulnerable children from sexual predators and safeguard schools.

About The individuals behind Hall Pass offer unique expertise and a singular dedication to visitor screening and securing schools through a rare combination of solid experiences.