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M every morning and look around my room. I always think there is something present in my room, almost as if someone - or something - is watching me.

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I look around the room, but I never see anything. I doze off after this. I wake up again at exactly A. After waking up the first time, I do the same routine, look around the room.

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At this time I always check in my closet and I check behind my door. I doze off again at exactly A. The last time I wake up is at exactly A.

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I could never forget I will never forget How could I ever forget? I Will Never Forget song meanings.

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There was an error. General Comment kimya used to live with two of her friends who sadly became heroin addicts. General Comment definitely one of the most heartbreaking songs i know. General Comment suicide. General Comment not sleeping, just resting in pieces that i wish were peaches. General Comment I gather its about a friendship with a girl when she was younger. People made fun of them and Kimya turned on the girl.

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Wanted to grow in the eyes of my enemies- And after a while the kids that she was trying to impress went back to making fun of her. Something like that perhaps. General Comment This song reminds me of being bullied at school and wanting to commit suicide But anyways! You couldve done so much more for them than killing yourself "I bet he'd like flowers, balloons, and a card "Unconditionally yours, all my love, from your mom" Much more than wearing that little black suit and saying goodbye forever to you" Third verse- From the point of view of a bully who pushed someone to the edge and they commited suicide.

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They feel bad about it now the person has died. Longinotto was born to an Italian father and a Welsh mother; her father was a photographer who later went bankrupt. At the age of 10 she was sent to a draconian all-girls boarding school, where she found it hard to make friends due to the mistress forbidding anyone to talk to her for a term after she became lost during a school trip.

After a period of homelessness, Longinotto went on to Essex University to study English and European literature and later followed friend and future filmmaker, Nick Broomfield to the National Film and Television School. While studying, she made a documentary about her boarding school that was shown at the London Film Festival, since when she has continued to be a prolific documentary filmmaker.

Longinotto is an observational filmmaker. Observational cinema, also known as direct cinema, free cinema or cinema verite, usually excludes certain documentary techniques such as advanced planning, scripting, staging, narration, lighting, reenactment and interviewing.

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In this epic work, women speak candidly about the practice and explain its cultural significance within Kenyan society. From gripping testimonials by young women who share the painful aftermath of their trauma to interviews with elderly matriarchs who stubbornly stand behind the practice, Longinotto paints a complex portrait of the current polemics and conflicts that have allowed this procedure to exist well into modern times. Demystifying the African tradition of female circumcision, Longinotto presents Nurse Fardhosa, a woman who is single-handedly reversing the ritual of female circumcision one village at a time by educating communities about its lasting emotional and physical scars.

Also profiled are an inspiring group of runaway girls who are seeking a court injunction to stop their parents from forcing them to go through with the practice. Through their words the full implications of breaking with tradition are made clear, as is the incredible courage of the women and girls who risk social ostracism by taking a stand against the practice.