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If they keep doing that for nearly pages, the reader will surely succumb. Offstage throughout is a horror-film director, Stanislas Cordova, described variously as "legendary" or even "a myth". Now his beautiful, mysterious and "intense" daughter, Ashley, has died in possibly dodgy circumstances. And for a once-successful magazine journalist, he's an alarmingly bad writer.

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He is addicted to italics, which festoon the pages, straining to turn ordinary words into jolts of surprise and excitement. He describes a woman "staring down at me. Or was she looking through me? Excellent festival, organisation, and overall and amazing group of people. I really hope their festival goes from strength to strength.

Attention Atlanta, Miami and New York!

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Submit Now. It is currently the only horror festival in Liverpool, England. The film festival will screen 6 feature films and 6 short films. We hope you can join us for some horrific movie fun this October.

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Please let us know if the screening will be a UK and or World Premiere. Review Festival Review. Overall Rating. October That woman was gone now. Not that it was her fault.

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Vast fortunes did that to people. It took them to the cleaners, cruelly starched and steam-pressed them so all their raw edges, all the dirt and hunger and guileless laughter, were ironed out. Few survived real money. Cordova himself — a dark riff on Kubrick, with a pinch of Friedkin and a sprig of Banksy thrown in for good measure — stays offstage, casting his long, creepy shadow across the actors throughout the course of the drama.

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But her conception of the monstrous is sweetly innocent.