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Recent studies have shown that mental activity can be influenced by forces outside of the brain. A healthy gut microbiome, for instance, is said to have an effect on the development of anxiety or anxiety-like behavior. With a human head transplant, the head would be introduced to a foreign microbiome through the new body. Would this affect how the person thinks? So I guess the answer is: slightly, and only indirectly, like how viruses or bacteria do when you have a cold. Assuming that a human head transplant could work, the patient would still need a significant period of recovery for brain activity to normalize.

According to Adolphs, this recovery process would be two-fold.

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It would probably begin with the brain adapting to its new body. It would take several months for brain and body to integrate.

Man Set to Undergo World's First Head Transplant Backs Out |

This change is comparable, on a smaller scale, to how people learn to play a musical instrument, and get better with practice — only in this case, it would be practicing to control a new body. As such, a change in body would likely alter some of those psychological traits. Arthur Caplan , founding head of the medical ethics division at the NYU School of Medicine, told Futurism that what would come after a successful head transplant would be as traumatic as the surgery itself.

He asserts that this will be the likely outcome, as the brain would be flooded with chemicals and signals from the body that are foreign and unfamiliar. Kai G. This article has been updated. A previous version did not mention Kai G.

A Monkey Head Transplant (Part 2/2)

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Tweet This. Except, infinitely more traumatic. Arguably a useful step, but clearly not the main issue here. Nobody seems to. Why do that? Why tell the newspapers before you tell your peers? If your procedure is rigorous and reliable enough, the data should reflect that. Going by the Telegraph article, Canavero claims that the next step will be to attempt a transplant with someone in a vegetative state or similar.

World's first human head transplant successfully performed on a corpse, scientists say

He also claims to have plenty of volunteers for this. I strongly suspect there never will be. This would mean finding workable solutions to all the considerable obstacles presented by the very concept of a head transplant. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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