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A good motivation for you to keep you moving is to have a picture, product, anything that can remind you every day of where you once were and where you are now. Meaning where you learned that business lesson the hard way!

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The importance of sales training has been studied for years, waaaay before I even knew I would get into training, and thank God for that! The statistics are … [Read more Social Media sites and SEO use inbound marketing strategies to attract visitors by using keywords that consumers can find easily. That was then ruled upon and became a law and they put in place something called the Governmental Martial Arts Delegation. That was nine years ago. George explains that the move came as a result of the move to fact based regulation, rather than what he described as "what you like" decision making. So, independent physicians, nonprofit federations controlled everything that had everything to do with the sports.

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They use Swedish MMA referees, doctors and judges. The level of injuries is documented is low. Fighter safety has become one of the cornerstones of regulation, but is seen as costly business by smaller promoitions who have to spend money on testing before fights as well as cageside doctors. In Sweden, they take their safety measures incredibly seriously.

You cannot drive a car in Sweden without having a permit, this is the exact same.

You cannot arrange an MMA match or a boxing match or a thai boxing match without going through the federation. The federation has the permit to put that on. In table tennis, if a player takes a performance enhancing drug the worst thing that could happen is that they lose the match. Perhaps one fighter will have [fought] 60 fights and the other guy has one fight, they will just say no. Weight divisions are not enough.

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You must have referees who have the competence to stop the bout at the correct time. Medical expertise and equipment has to be right next to where the fight is happening. So if you get knocked out, after the bout that license is taken by a federation official and sent to the federation and it will be kept there.

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If you go and try to compete elsewhere during your suspension time, you will not have that license with you. Further to this, it will also be in the database that you are suspended. Cancel Remove. Watch fullscreen.

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Matt Nguyen. Browsing for a Martial Arts Business Blueprint free access? Watch my Martial Arts Business Blueprint review video on this page.

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