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About Orchids; A Chat

The main thing as far as sun burning the orchid leaves is the infra-red rays. They do the burning. I am not sure that UV rays do any damage to plants. Of course, that's what causes our skin cancers so its good for you that they are blocked.

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Nice Show, Jim! That Rajasthani fellow? We picked him up in a small antique store walking about near Canal Street in New York City a few years ago. Klaus and I spotted him and he had to come home with us right there and then. I use him quite often balancing some small plants on his head when taking pictures inside.

I like him! I didn't realize you block that much sun in your OC. Can't argue with success! Hello everyone, My first post on ATP. Looks Like a good group. First a family picture of the Vandas and Ascocendas in their pergola. We build this 2 years ago and the orchids have taken over.

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Sharry Baby 2 Quote Post Think of it as the Aluminet shading out half the sunlight getting to the polycarb, then the polycarb filtering half of that. Edited to add: Welcome Bud, and what gorgeous Vandas you have! Welcome, Bud! I am already smitten! You are growing some lovely Orchids. I just love your gorgeous Vandas! Bud You have beautiful orchids.

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Welcome Bud and thanks for the great show! Your Vandas are doing much better than mine so I will prod you for some tips. I love the look of your pergola.

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  • About Orchids a Chat.

Can you show us more? Elaine, I don't know how all of these layers work together. What I do know is that I still have to be careful or I will get sunburn on some plants which seems impossible if you read all of the advertising about these products. Between the OC and mother nature, there is an environment here that I have created and I am still learning which plants are comfortable and which are not.

In the end, I don't think it is much different than moving plants around under the oak tree until they seem to be happy; just more expensive.