Manual Asset Management Strategies

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Compliance Requirements and Guidance

The asset management industry is expected to continue expanding steadily, bolstered by a combination of expansion in global wealth and growth of emerging economies. Along with the changes in clients' investment needs and heightening interests to investment costs,competition is likely to intensify due to market entry by other industries against a backdrop of the development of technology. In particular, we provide solutions such as collaboration with ACI, enhancement of alternative asset management strategy and expanding offering of UCITS funds overseas.

In addition, we take steps to expand our client base through delivering asset management proposals to attract people without investment experiences, and promote the development of advanced technology that could strengthen the asset management business.

Asset Management | Strategies for Value Creation

Rapid advances in digital technology, including the use of artificial intelligence AI and Big Data, is a major factor influencing the asset management industry to determine competitiveness. Actions to utilize technology are expected not only to strengthen our investment capabilities, but also to improve productivity by pursuing operational efficiency and generate momentum toward creating new business opportunities.

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In the Asset Management Division, "Innovation Lab" was established by gathering talented technology experts to enhance our asset management business by leveraging advanced technology. We are also pursuing collaboration with partners such as universities,research organizations and FinTech firms to build a technology platform with an eye to the future.

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In addition, while non face-to-face businesses using mobile apps are expanding across various industries, the Asset Management Division started offering Roboadvisor services where expansion of growth is expected. Combining our investment knowledge and product development capabilities with mobile app technology, we aim to build business attracting a wide range of investors including people without investment experiences.

The service context of those server assets is important too, hence our methodology must focus on recording and managing that. End-user devices such as PCs, conversely, require us to monitor assignment to individuals, as this is the context we care about. By applying this model, and determining the appropriate strategy for each asset class, the IT asset manager will be able to realize the full benefits of effective ITAM for any asset type—now and into the future.

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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Strategic Asset Management

He has 18 years of experience in ITSM. IT assets are rapidly evolving, and so must our practices. Asset Classes Low Speed vs.

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High Speed Some assets move slowly. A physical server rack mounted in a datacenter, is likely to remain in a single location for years. Its procurement and provisioning cycle is measured in days or even weeks. A cloud server instance is, by comparison, extremely fast-moving. It can be instantiated in minutes.

Chief Investment Officer

It may shift rapidly across physical instances. In some cases, it might exist only for a short time the default lifespan of a BMC pre-sales demo instance, for example, is three hours. Individual Context vs.